uuware( is start at 2007/01.
uuAssistant is util for daily work. With uuAssistant you can new or view your note(memo, ToDo) on occasion. or record the time of startup or shutdown time of is usefully to create your monthly worktime. others,you can use (Shift+Esc)key to hide/show current windows.or set the selected window transparent(0%~100%) with OS windows 2000 or above.

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uuGetIcon is tool to get icons for you. Not only extract icons from files[exe,dll,BMP,...], but also can create icons from empty or edit the exist icon file or from icons list of extracted.

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uuStepCount is for analyze the source code, and statistical blank lines, comment lines, code lines. Also uuStepCount can output HTML&CSV file.
No matter what extension of files, even newly ways of comment, with your configuration, uuStepCount can analyze it!
Also HTML, JSP, ASP, PHP's internal language (JavaScript, StyleSheet) can be calculated separately. Even Java code of JSP, VB code of ASP can be calculated.

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FTab(Floating Tabs)
FTab(Floating Tabs) is a DHTML script that animates small browser windows with support for tabs. Use the mouse to move and resize the windows.supports IE, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

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uuSpy tool is more like Spy++, but added the function of PasswordSpy and Get IE's HTML. With uuSpy you can understand the window layout of a running application or identify a certain window message that causes a bug. Also you can output style/exstyle of a selected window or set something to it.

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uuIE is developed as MiniIE, for show Web page in clear and succinct.
As be shown OnTop, can't be hidden by others window, and while minimize become icon button, not disturb others windows.

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uuDeJava is tool for UnCompile Java Class files,and the Java source files is out to the same folder of Class files.

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uuHEdt(uu Html Edit)
uuHEdt(uu Html Edit) is a Free Online Web-Based WYSIWYG HTML Editor that you can embed into your website to provide WYSIWYG HTML editing capabilities, and supports a wide variety of browsers such as IE, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

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