VbaTools(VBA Common Tools)
About this soft
Collect VBAs for normal work.
(*.zip file can be extract by Lhaz 7z WinRAR)

vbatools.xls (176.500 Kb, Date:2016/07/27, Downloads:4602)
VbaTools is a normal-used tool that provides a convenient in operation in Excel VBA.
With allowing the execution of VBA for open first time, you can create a toolbar and menu automatically. Function is accessed from the menu and toolbar. Next time, even with closed/opened excel, You can access this functions from the toolbar.
Please refer to the inner help(function list) for more information.
You can take a hard copy of the Screen or Activate Window and paste it into Excel. When you paste , you can set the magnification of the image automatically, or replace the picture with same size.
Also it is possible to paste from Clipboard, even the image file that you copied in Windows Explorer. It can set automatically or magnification of the image.
It can also do conversion of uppercase, lowercase, em within selected cells.
All the VBA source code is provided.
Function List
Main Screen:
menu from toolbar:


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