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uuDeJava is tool for UnCompile Java Class files.
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uuDaJava should under License of Jad:
Jad is free for non-commercial use, but since the version 1.5.6 it's no longer free for commercial use. This means that Jad cannot be included into software products (especially decompilers) without my prior permission. If you want to use Jad (as a command-line utility or as a library) in your product(s) please contact me for conditions. At the same time, Jad can be used freely for personal needs in a commercial or non-commercial environments.

uuDeJava is tool for UnCompile Java Class files,and the Java source files is out to the same folder of Class files. Inner it use of jad.exe.
With uuDeJava you can UnCompile Class files by click on it,or right click on it then send it to uuDeJava's Short Cut in "Send To",also you can drop Class files or Folders to the window of uuDeJava. With Config,you can use Inner Editor or Outer Editor to open the out java files.
  • uuDeJava is Multilanguage. Now with English (United States), Japanese (Japan), Chinese (PRC), Chinese (Taiwan).
    Also you can add others language(need download source of uuDeJava and modify lang.ini file and put it to directory of Lang\\ of uuDeJava).
Main Screen:
The main window with one java file( opend by inner editor.
Here you can UnCompile Class files with input and Run Start,also can draw Class files or Folders to this window.
The configs of jad.exe or uuDeJava can be done here.

With all,uuDeJava is free software.
enjoy it!
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